Polyurethane Coating material for CRF(controlled release fertilizer), “SANAGUREX”

Product Description

SANAGUREX, a polyurethane-based controlled release fertilizer coating, forms a shell on the fertilizer substrates and the polymer coating allows nutrients to be gradually released into the soil while preventing them from flowing outward. This coating system is composed of two components: polyol and isocyanate. The coating system is a polyurethane resin containing approximately 60% biomass raw materials. Both components are solvent-free. The fertilizer particles are coated in a drum mixer at room to moderate temperatures.

Product Features

SANAGUREX: Solvent-free two-component curable polyurethane resin

  • Excellent release properties
  • Approx. 60% biomass ratio
  • Solvent free system
  • Tack free coatings

Typical properties and characteristics of SANAGUREX

  • (*1) Viscosity after mixing a total of 100g of SANAGUREX A and B at 25ºC for 1 minute (Ambient temperature: 25ºC)
  • (*2) Elapsed time from the start of mixing until the viscosity reaches 10 Pa・s

Release performance of the coated fertilizer by SANAGUREX

Evaluation Method (Fertilizer release rate test)
(1) Put 100mL of water into a container and heat to 20℃ or 30℃.
(2) Put about 50 g of coated granules into (1).
After a prescribed number of days, take a sample of liquid from the center of the liquid and measure the release rate of fertilizer.