UTILIOL GA-15P - Polyether Type Base Material For Water-Based Metal Working Fluid

“Metal working fluid” is a product that is indispensable for machining of metal parts in the automotive industry and in the machine manufacturing industry. It has long been used to improve the accuracy of processed products, reduce tool damage, improve productivity, etc., and has played a major role in the development of the metal working industry. As the necessity for advances in required performance and environmental measures became prominent, the demand for high function and high-value-added products has increased. To meet this demand, Sanyo Chemical Industries has developed “UTILIOL GA-15P”, a new water-soluble polyalkylene glycol (PAG) type base material for Metal working fluid. This product has excellent lubricity, high flash point and low foaming property. This water-soluble metal working fluid is nonflammable, can lower the risk of fire, has excellent cooling properties, can contribute to an improved working environment and can reduce environmental impact.


  • “UTILIOL GA-15P” has higher hydrophobicity than other conventional PAG type materials.
  • “UTILIOL GA-15P” has excellent lubricity and low foaming properties in water -based metal working fluid application.
  • “UTILIOL GA-15P” can be used for wider range of applications as(of?) base material because of excellent lubricity and low foaming property.
  • “UTILIOL GA-15P” can be used for machining difficult-to-machine materials with high ductility, such as aluminum.

Examples of applications requiring excellent lubricity and low foaming property


UTILIOL GA-15P is a water-soluble polyether with low viscosity, high cloud point, and is non-applicable to hazardous materials under the Fire Service Act, making it easy to store and handle.

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