Superabsorbent Polymer

About Superabsorbent Polymer

Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) is a material capable of absorbing several hundred to 1,000 times its own weight in water. Even when subject to pressure, this polymer securely retains the absorbed liquids. In 1978, we were the first in the world to begin commercial production of SAP. Today, SAP is used in a wide range of applications, from hygiene materials used mainly in disposable diapers and sanitary products to non-hygienic applications such as agriculture & horticulture, pet, construction and civil engineering, etc.

Mechanism of absorption

SAP are crosslinked networks of flexible polymer chains. The polymer chains are shrunk before absorbing water. When water comes into contact polymer chains, these chains are expanded. Water is trapped tightly within networks.


  • Gelling Agent (alkaline batteries)
  • Wastewater Treatment & Sludge Solidification (mining, drilling, sewage treatment, and dredging waste)
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Drilling Waste
  • Wire & Cable Water Blocking
  • Medical Waste Solidification
  • Unused Latex Paint (liquid latex paint can be solidified for ease of disposal)
  • Hygiene (baby diapers and other applications requiring absorbance of bodily fluids)
  • Agricultural (water retention aid)


SDP Global, a subsidiary of Sanyo Chemical, is the world leading manufacturer specialized in SAP, and SANFRESH is Sanyo’s brand with more than 40 years experience.

SANFRESH is supported by three core technologies

We work on improvement of core technologies and application development.