Sizing agent for Carbon fiber


We are supplying high quality sizing agent ” CHEMITYLEN” for carbon fiber (CF). Our CHEMITYLEN products give good bundling property, spreadability, and durability. This product also improve affinity with matrix resin and reduce fluff of CF. This product is not only applicable for virgin fiber, but also used for Recycle carbon fiber. We are trying to contribute to the more sustainable CF market.

Chemitylen EP, HP series

Chemitylen EP and HP series are poly ester/ epoxy type sizing agent. Generally speaking, abrasion resistance has contrary relationship with spreadability. If the abrasion resitance goes high, spreadability goes bad (figure.1). However, this Chemitylen EP/HP series give very good fiber spreadability with high abrasion resistance (figure.2). It also gives high durability to CF tow.

And also sizing agent stability is also important. Sometime, conventional sizing agent become isolated from solvent while storage or using. On the other hand, this Chmeitylen is very stable water base emulsion, and it retains the emulsion over duration or physical shear.

Figure 1. Conventional sizing agent - spreadability vs abrasion resistance
Figure 1. Conventional sizing agent - spreadability vs abrasion resistance
Figure 2. Chemitylen EP/HP - spreadability vs abrasion resistance

Chemitylen UA series

Chemitylen UA series are poly urethane type sizing agent. The feature of this product is its flexibility and bundling property. This sizing agent have sea-island structure (figure.3) composed of soft segment and hard segment. soft segment gives flexibility and hard segment gives good bundling property. And also, this size pick-up rate is smaller than conventional sizing agent.

Chemitylen EP/HP and Chemitylen UA series have good compatibility, so physical properties can be easily adjusted by mixing. Our R&D can support to achieve your required specification.

Figure 3, Chemitylen UA sea-island structure

Chemitylen WS sereis

Chemitylen WS series is polyether aqueous solution type sizing agent (figure. 4). This is easily soluble in water, thus it can be easily remove from CF by washing with water. If you or your customer need to remove sizing agent when you use CF, this product can be good option.

Figure 4. Chemitylen WS series