Water Retention Soil Conditioner SANFRESH GT-800

Freedom From Drought: Advanced Soil Hydration Solutions


Introducing SANFRESH GT-800: Revolutionize your gardening and agriculture with our advanced potassium polyacrylate formula. Designed to supercharge water retention and reduce nutrient runoff, it boosts drought resistance and supports healthier, more resilient plant growth. Unlike traditional sodium-based polymers, our potassium-based solution nurtures your plants without hindering essential nutrient absorption. With an effective lifespan of 2-4 years, SANFRESH GT-800 is the smart choice for home gardens, turf, and more, ensuring your soil is always at its best. Embrace the future of sustainable soil enhancement with SANFRESH GT-800.

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Maximize Harvest with Minimal Water: Sanfresh GT800 Greenhouse Triumph

Boost Your Growth with Sanfresh GT-800: Witness the dramatic difference that 0.25 to 0.50 wt% of Sanfresh GT-800 makes in plant growth and yield. The images showcase the thriving state of representative plants at week 9 during the first harvest, out of a total of 50 plants grown across various treatments. Even with just 25% of the regular water supply, plants treated with Sanfresh GT-800 exhibit remarkable drought tolerance compared to the control group at 0.00%, demonstrating superior resilience under tested conditions.

The effectiveness of Sanfresh GT-800 in enhancing greenhouse tomato yields

Sanfresh GT-800 increased the number and weight of tomatoes produced. Total number and weight of tomatoes harvested from greenhouse plants treated with various concentrations of Sanfresh GT-800 (indicated).





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