MICELAND SCD-100: Nonionic Surfactant for Laundry Detergent Bases

Product Description
There is a growing demand for laundry detergents with reduced environmental impact, in addition to basic performance, such as washing power. To satisfy these performance requirements, Sanyo Chemical has developed “MICELAND SCD-100”, a uniquely designed polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether. “MICELAND SCD-100” has excellent biodegradability and interfacial tension-lowering ability like that of traditional Alcohol ethoxylates (AEs).

Product Features

“MICELAND SCD-100″ can achieve both “biodegradability” and “detergency”, which have been difficult to achieve with conventional compact liquid detergents. Sanyo Chemical succeeded to achieve both properties through our proprietary interface control technology.

“MICELAND SCD-100” is a neutral nonionic surfactant that causes minimal damage to clothes and provides excellent detergency against sebum stains. Compared to conventional compact liquid detergent, the detergent using “MICELAND SCD-100” can reduce the amount used while maintaining the same detergency as before, thereby reducing environmental emissions, and when the same amount of detergent is used, it provides the higher detergency, so the concentration can be adjusted to meet the customers’ needs. In addition, its high-water solubility and excellent flowability even at high concentrations make it suitable for use in compact liquid detergents. Moreover, its excellent biodegradability improves the efficiency of sewage treatment and reduces energy consumption, thereby contributing to the reduction of environmental impact.

Figure 1. Relationship between Nonionic surfactant amount and detergency

Figure 2. Environmental friendliness *2

*2 Sanyo original index:
Environmental friendliness = Biodegradability / standard amount of use *3

*3 The standard amount of use in Formula refers to the lowest amount of surfactant necessary to provide certain detergency. The detergency was evaluated in accordance with the JIS K 3362 test method using clothes with artificial stains that have a similar composition to actual mixed stains.

Figure 3. Water solubility

<Measurement method>
Surfactants were diluted with water and the viscosities at each concentration at 5°C were measured using a Brookfield viscometer.

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