Application of TPU Beads to Garment Printing (Developing Item)

Discover the Excellence of Sanyo Chemical’s TPU Beads, "THERPUS FN"!

  1. Elevate your prints with stunning precision and beauty Achieve stunning prints as THERPUS FN uniformly adheres to the printed area during the powder-dusting process, ensuring beautiful and precise results.
  2. Experience unmatched durability, ensuring lasting brilliance Durability against washing and drying can be expected due to THERPUS FN’s hot water resistance.
  3. THERPUS FN can be used with general DTF facilities

Embrace Excellence. Choose THERPUS FN for Unparalleled Printing Perfection!

Beautiful Printing Enhanced by THERPUS FN

THERPUS FN boasts a uniform shape distribution, thanks to our unique manufacturing method. This distinctive quality ensures even adhesion to the printed surface during the printed dusting process, resulting in beautiful printing!

Table 1: DTF Printing using THERPUS FN

Powder ShapePowder Dusting ProcessDTF Printing
THERPUS FN Uniform ShapeTHERPUS FN Adheres evenly Therpus fn Beautiful Printing!
Uniform ShapeAdheres evenlyBeautiful Printing!
Conventional DTF Powder (Polyurethane)
Conventional dtf powder uniform shapeConventional dtf powder adheres evenlyConventional dtf powder beautiful printing

Excellent Durability Achieved by THERPUS FN

Films created with THERPUS FN exhibit minimal changes even after prolonged exposure to hot water. Garments printed with THERPUS FN can be anticipated to showcase exceptional resistance to washing and drying machines!

therpus fn durability
conventional dtf powder durability

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