Sanyo Chemical’s “Corporate Information Video” has been renewed. -Expressing the challenge of a “WakuWaku future-

We are pleased to announce that Sanyo Chemical’s “Corporate Information Video” has been renewed.

The concept is “Toward a WakuWaku company and society”. The video introduces our philosophy, direction and how we will contribute to society through its focused businesses, initiatives, and products that play an active role in people’s lives and society, and expresses the company’s commitment to a “WakuWaku future”.

The video consists of five short movies, each with a different purpose.
Please take a look at the following.

All parts
Part1 “Management Policy Toward the 2030 Vision”
Part2 Sanyo Chemical’s Characteristics (History)
Part3 Sanyo Chemical’s Characteristics (Initiatives)
Part4 Providing Value through Our Business and Toward a Sustainable Society
Part5 All Employees Play a Leading Role (One Team)


This article is a reprint of the Sanyo Chemical’s press release posted on September 7th, 2022.

”Sanyo Chemical America is the U.S. Sales and Marketing organization of one of Japan’s leading specialty chemical producers – Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Founded in 1989, Sanyo Chemical America has more than 30 years of experience introducing innovative Japanese chemical products to American industry. Our multi-national team routinely handles all of the regulatory, logistical and commercial details involved with the importation of a broad range of made-to-order specialty chemical products into North America.”