Introducing: Mel-aqua Hydrophilizing Agent

Sanyo Chemical Industries is now introducing another innovative NEW developmental product: Mel-aqua Hydrophilizing Agent. Mel-aqua can be added to thermoplastic compounds to achieve dramatic increases in surface energy. This is especially relevant for POLYOLEFINS. Mel-aqua offers PAINTABILITY and BONDABILITY in polyolefin molded component applications. Additional benefits include possible elimination of surface treatment in current operations and conversion to water-based coatings. We plan for commercialization by 2020. Please note that this is a developmental product for only injection molded application, future formulation changes are possible, sample distribution is limited and subject to TSCA R&D exemption. For further information, click “Contact Us”

SANAM is the U.S. Sales and Marketing organization of one of Japan’s leading specialty chemical producers – Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Founded in 1989, SANAM has more than 30 years of experience introducing innovative Japanese chemical products to American industry. Our multi-national team routinely handles all of the regulatory, logistical and commercial details involved with the importation of a broad range of made-to-order specialty chemical products into North America.”