An Interview with Takao Ando, President of Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Mr. Takao Ando, President of Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd., was recently interviewed on the competitive strengths and future plans of Sanyo Chemical. The wide-ranging interview covered a variety of topics including the company’s competitive advantages, it’s unique approach to R&D and the important role of the U.S. market in the company’s future growth. A transcript of the interview can be found here:

SANAM is the U.S. Sales and Marketing organization of one of Japan’s leading specialty chemical producers – Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Founded in 1989, SANAM has more than 30 years of experience introducing innovative Japanese chemical products to American industry. Our multi-national team routinely handles all of the regulatory, logistical and commercial details involved with the importation of a broad range of made-to-order specialty chemical products into North America.”