Exhibition information –CHINAPLAS 2021

April 13 to 16, Shenzhen, P. R. China – Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. will be exhibiting at Asia’s biggest plastic and rubber trade fair: CHINAPLAS 2021.

We will introduce the permanent antistatic agents; “PELESTAT” and “PELECTRON” products whose demand is expanding centered on the packaging and transporting materials for electronic devices. We will also introduce high performance resin modifiers for polyolefins; “UMEX” products and newly developed resin modifier for ABS “FUNCTIVE” (laboratory prototype for preproduction). Our local staff will be staffing the booth and available to answer your questions.

Please be sure to stop by our booth.





April 13-16th (Tue.-Fri.), 2021


Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, PR China(Shenzhen, P. R. China)

Booth: 15E71

【Products Features】

◆Permanent Antistatic Agents – PELESTAT/PELECTRON products

PELESTAT and PELECTRON are polymer type antistatic agents. They can impart a long-lasting antistatic property to plastics without compromising the physical properties and moldability of the plastics. Since their high-performance antistatic effect, they are useful to not only prevent dust, but also prevent electrostatic discharge. They are effective for protection of electric circuits, prevention of malfunction and prevention of electric shock to explosion-proof items.

◆Resin Modifiers

UMEX products

UMEX is resin modifiers for polyolefins to improve the dispersibility of fillers (e.g. fiberglass, carbon fiber and wood floor) and compatibility with high-polar resins (e.g. nylon, etc.) in polyolefin.

FUNCTIVE <laboratory prototype for preproduction>

FUNCTIVE is a resin modifier for ABS to improve the chemical resistance.

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