Development of Durable Hydrophilic Agent “HYDROTHROUGH PS-887” for Nonwoven Fabrics

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce the development of a durable hydrophilic agent for nonwoven fabrics, named “HYDROTHROUGH PS-887,” which is designed to impart durable hydrophilicity to polyolefin nonwoven fabrics. Nonwoven fabrics treated with “HYDROTHROUGH PS-887” maintain high hydrophilicity even after repeated water permeation. When the treated nonwoven fabrics used in sanitary products such as disposable diapers and sanitary napkins, they enable for comfortable use without frequent replacement, improving usability and satisfaction. It is economical and helps reduce environmental impact by reducing the waste.
In addition, “HYDROTHROUGH PS-887” is of plant-based and does not use animal-derived raw materials, making it suitable for users who prefer alternatives to animal-based ingredients for religious reasons.


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