Corporate Strategy for Vision 2030, “WakuWaku Explosion 2030”, To be a company wholly committed to a “Waku Waku Future”

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. announces that the company has defined a vision toward 2030 for our further sustainable growth and the management policy “WakuWaku* Explosion 2030” toward our vision at the March 4, 2022 Board of Directors.

Under the company motto, “Let us contribute to building a better society through our corporate activities,” we have been pursuing the 10th mid-term management plan, “New Sanyo for 2027,” since 2018. We aim to be a “global, unique, and excellent corporate group” that creates valuable products with customers.

With the slogan “KAERU (committed to change)” the company has been making efforts to improve the business performance and establish environments that respect diverse values so that every employee works with pride and job satisfaction.

Toward the 2030 vision, we will be striving to improve further the stable profit structure and corporate culture that we have been fostering under a new management system with the initiative by President Akinori Higuchi.

*”Waku Waku” is a Japanese word that means positive, bright, up-lifting feeling inspired by inner motivations and/or own wills.

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This article is a reprint of the Sanyo Chemical’s press release posted on March 4th, 2022.

SANAM is the U.S. Sales and Marketing organization of one of Japan’s leading specialty chemical producers – Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Founded in 1989, SANAM has more than 30 years of experience introducing innovative Japanese chemical products to American industry. Our multi-national team routinely handles all of the regulatory, logistical and commercial details involved with the importation of a broad range of made-to-order specialty chemical products into North America.”